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2.competitive price
3.give your body a good rest
4.any size as your choice

  High-end mulberry silk quilt

1 Fabric 100%  high quality cotton
2 Filling 100% best mulberry silk by hand,  Not machine-made; No chemical added;No bleached,No scrappy silk;No badodor;Quality Authentication:OEKO- TEX100(1), 10years guarantee
3 Size 200 X 230cm, 180 X 200cm, 120*160cm or custom size available
4 Weight 0.5KG, 1KG, 2KG, 2.5KG, 3 KG
4 Packing non-woven or PVC or PE with insert and export carton
5 Sample cost depend on the design,please contact us to discuss further
6 Sample lead time about 3-7days
7 OEM acceptable


Filling for Summer Use: 500g–1000g
Filling for Spring and Fall: 1000g-2000g

Silk is natural silkworm palace cocoon as the raw material through high temperature disinfection, sterilization, manually refined. It is rich in 18 kinds of amino acids in proteins and various types of vitamins and trace elements,able to adapt to the human skin needs, with a relaxed, comfortable, next to the skin, soft, warm, preventable cause itching and other skin diseases caused by the cold and wet environment of bone, joint pain and a variety of allergic children relaxed, warm, breathable, do not fight, not thirsty, nosebleeds, to ensure the quality of sleep, the elderly using the anti-aging, activation of cells, the Herd dehumidification, soothe the nerves, nourish and balance the human skin, your gifts to friends and relatives, the best green home in bed and travel goods.

Silk duvet is durable, it can be used for at least 10 years. During this period, it will not metamorphose, nor turn into dumpling or wisp. It is also famous for its good toughness. The silk can maintain constant temperature and humidity similar to the body, make you not feel dried or inflammable. It is very comfortable because you will feel warm in winter while cool in summer when you using it. This will improve the sleeping by avoiding the children from kicking off the quilt. The aged suffered from arthritis and insomnia can also benefit from using it. In one word, it is different from any other quilts made by cotton, chemical fiber, wool and feather for its special advantages and comfort. It also has much difference from the quilts made by machine, medicament, or tussah cocoon for its high quality.

  • Light, yet warm, and incredibly luxurious. Our silk comforter is filled with the finest natural mulberry silk floss, and covered with sandwashed Habotai silk.
  • Appreciated for their smooth hand and gentle warmth, silk comforters are naturally hypoallergenic and an ideal alternative for those who are sensitive to down.
  • The silk conforms to your body and is a luxury you will enjoy year round. Treasure the richness of fine Oriental silk for years to come.
  • Our silk quilts are completely hand-made from the pure natural silk after degreased by special designed techniques. It is the new generation of healthy bedding products, the best gift for your loved ones.